Project Description

Pyrotec Services were pleased to have been chosen by the college to undertake the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a comprehensive fire detection system to L2 standard in this Grade II listed building.

The building is a student hostel and practically all the accommodation is in single-room apartments, with separate washbasins and storage, but with shared showers, sanitation and elementary cooking area…Half sunk in the courtyard-podium is breakfast and lecture room.

“The whole mass of accommodation (the caretaker’s flat and the breakfast room excepted) are held up in the air by a series of high concrete stilts. The stilts hold up a container: the tiled red southern wall, broken only by thin bands of glazing (which light the internal corridors) and crowned by the roof lights of the duplex flats on the top storey. At two extreme points, the wall is pierced vertically by the cages of the staircase.”

The system consisted of a stand-alone Kentec  2 loop analogue addressable fire control panel with Hochiki ESP analogue smoke and heat sensors, call-points and loop driven sounders. Also, the system was interfaced with the lift and access control equipment.

On completion the whole system was re-interfaced with the existing digital communicator so as to alert off site staff and the emergency services in the event of a system activation.